Upcoming Conventions

SacAnime Summer

August 29th to September 1st, 2024

at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center 1400 J St Sacramento, CA

August 29th, 12pm - 10pm

August 30th, 10am - 10pm

September 1st, 10am - 6pm

Sac Gamers Expo

December 14th & 15th, 2024

at the Scottish Rites Center 6151 H St. Sacramento, CA 95819

December 14th, Hours TBD

December 15th, Hours TBD

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Cinderwing3d Magical Creatures

Cinderwing3d Magical Creatures
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Cinderwing3d Magical Creatures

Roll for Refreshment!

D&D Inspired Class Tumblers

Our Campaign

Unleash your inner adventurer with our exclusive D&D-Inspired Class Tumblers!

Each 20-oz double-walled stainless steel tumbler is crafted to represent your favorite Dungeons & Dragons class, featuring unique images and phrases that resonate with the essence of each role. Each tumbler comes with a metal straw and straw cleaner. We design, draw, and sublimate them in our state-of-the-art sublimation facility, which is also our kitchen. 

Whether you're a mighty Barbarian, a cunning Rogue, or a wise Wizard, there's a tumbler designed just for you. The double-walled construction ensures your drinks stay at the perfect temperature, hot or cold, through the most epic of gaming sessions.


Our D&D-Inspired Class Tumblers are a functional and stylish tribute to your character. Imagine sipping your favorite brew while showcasing your class pride with intricate designs and iconic phrases that capture the spirit of your in-game persona. These tumblers make perfect gifts for any D&D or Fantasy TTRPG enthusiast, adding a touch of adventure to every sip. 


Elevate your game nights and everyday routines with a tumbler that celebrates the hero within you!

What do they say?

Each class tumbler has a unique and witty saying or quote that perfectly encapsulates the passion of the class. 

  • Barbarian - When in doubt, RAGE it out!
  • Bard - I got 99 problems, but Pitch ain't one.
  • Cleric - If at first you don't succeed, just Revivify and try again!
  • Druid - Nature's best friend, (with benefits).
  • Fighter - My halberd brings all the orcs to the yard. 
  • Monk - Look Ma, All Hands! (And Feet)
  • Paladin - I Smite Evil like it owns me Gold!
  • Ranger - Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul. 
  • Rogue - Watch your back, Rogue's do it from behind. 
  • Sorcerer - Oops...I did it again! 
  • Warlock - I'm more than just my Eldritch Blast!
  • Wizard - I didn't ask how big the room is, I CAST FIREBALL!

So, its a cup, with a straw? Ok...

Our D&D-inspired tumblers are more than a vessel in which to store tasty libation. They are a statement to everyone at the table that you (and your character!) mean business and will not take any lip (or bad rolls!) from anyone. 

As this project unfolds and reaches milestone dollar amounts, we will be adding a plethora of goodies to each marked pledge. Stickers, enamel pins, 3D printed heroes, and more!

Unlocks will be included in Adventuring Party, Adventuring Company, and Tavern tiers. The Overflowing Cup Tiers for single and double tier pledges will be made available when it unlocks so everyone who backed at the single or double level can switch their tiers. Or, if you prefer to mix and match, you can keep your pledge level, and add what you want via the add-ons. 

We will be including pictures of the unlockable items as the campaign goes on. 

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